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“Regeling van de Verhouding tussen Opdrachtgever en adviserend Ingenieursbureau - edition 2001” applies.

(Dutch text only; Regulations governing relations between clients and consulting engineers)

Minahassa Mechanical Engineering aims to provide the offshore and heavy lifting industry with offshore specific proof designs for a wide range of mechanical equipment. It is our belief that equipment used offshore must be brought back to its essence. Minahassa Mechanical Engineering therefore designs equipment with a strong focus on:


Minahassa Mechanical Equipment has a multidisciplinary approach: mechanical, structural and drive & control systems must all contribute to the required functionality. The ultimate goal is to have a design solution that is so straightforward you could have designed it yourself.


Michiel Kloosterboer Schotervlielandstraat 2

2024 EA Haarlem

The Netherlands

t +31 (0)6 81 71 19 19